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The Billings Barrel Racing Series was organized in 1987 by a group of women interested in the sport of barrel racing.  The mission of the organization continues today:

Welcome to BBRS!!

Can my nomination fee be refunded?  No.  Nomination R&G, pg 2, #4

Can I get my entry fee refunded?

Only if you are the only one entered.

Rules & Guidelines, pg 1, #4

How do I know what division I or my horse should be entered in?

Rules & Guidelines, pg 1, #3

Do I need to be a member to barrel race or run time onlys?  Yes, Rules & Guidelines, pg 1, #2

Frequently Asked.......

How the BBRS Began.pdf


DDivision Descriptions



If I or my horse get hurt, can a rider be substituted?  Yes, unless you are in the $500 Rider Division. Nomination R&G, pg 2, #10, 12, 16, 17    

Do I have to nominate my horse? No.  Only if you want to be eligible for year end awards.  Nomination Rules & Guidelines, pg 2, #1, 13, 16


What if my nominated horse isn’t registered and I don’t know how much it has earned barrel racing? The horse will compete in the Open division and the Board of Directors will determine its division eligibility. Nomination R&G, pg 2, #23   


Can I nominate more than one horse in a division? Yes. Nomination R&G, pg 2, #8, 9


Awards Banquet

November 16th  see standings page for details

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