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Nomination / Membership forms are available at all scheduled barrel races.  You may download any of the documents listed below. Annual dues are $35.00 per person  The BBRS’s membership year is from January 1 through December 31. Benefits and privileges shall be granted only after membership dues have been paid in full.  

New members:  All new members (and old) should make themselves familiar with the information listed below. The secretary will mail any of the documents below by request.

NOTE:  Life time earnings of the horse being nominated are as of the date the horse is being nominated, not May 1.

· Membership Form                                                                                     


· Rules & Guidelines

· Payoff Schedule

· Diagram of Barrel Pattern

· Horse/Rider BBRS Earnings Log - 1999-Present


· Membership List  

· Inquiry Procedure : If you feel a member is competing in the wrong division, you must contact a board member with proof. It is not the board members responsibility to due the research. 

If a horse/contestant runs in the wrong class or nominates a horse/rider in the wrong division, the following will take place: Forfeiture of entry fee and money won for said jackpot, even if the mistake is caught before checks are cut. If you run in the wrong class, you are disqualified for that race. The payoff will be adjusted accordingly in the class that was competed in and the class that should have been competed in. If a member feels another contestant competed in the wrong division, you must submit a discrepancy form to the board before the next event, or results will stay as is. (Annual Membership Meeting 7/29/15)

INo nominations will be accepted prior to May 1. Please read the Rules and Guidelines as well as the By-Laws. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact an officer.

July 15th is the cut off date to figure out how many awards will given in each division.

Completed membership and nomination forms should be mailed to:


c/o Janet Schuh

1118 Nutter Blvd

Billings, Mt 59105






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